’97 Junior Chowder Cup

The New England Thrashers ’97 team participated in the Junior Chowder Cup this past weekend, which was hosted by Pro Am Hockey. Thrashers we hoping for a good showing and was expecting to make a nice run in the tournament.

The Thrashers started their weekend off fast with a big win over the Walpole Express. They beat the Express 7-3 with Joey Guarino and Jack Kelly both scored two goals. The next game was against Jersey Rockz, there was some issues with the game and the Thrashers played hard, but lost 1-0. The Thrashers third goal of the weekend was an important one. The Thrashers had to win by 2 and only give up 2 or less goals to get into the playoffs on Sunday. The Thrashers went up against the Ice Holes, which was 2-0 and a good solid Canadian team. The Thrashers fought hard and had a chance after the first period, with them only being down 2-1. The Thrashers lost their playoff chances mid-way through the second period, but they continued to fight hard all game and lost 5-3. The Thrashers finished 1-2 on the weekend and if it wasn’t for a few little things and some bad breaks, the Thrashers would of made the playoffs. They were the better team in the bracket overall, but they just couldn’t have the breaks go their way. It was a great weekend and the Thrashers players gave the coaches everything they had and had fun along the way. Thank you everyone.

Thrashers were lead upfront by- Kelly: 2-3-5 3 games, Guarino: 2-2-4  3 games.


Forwards: Kelly, Panasuk, Daley, Guaridia, Guarino, Griffin, Wagner, Gardiner, O’Brien

Defense: Cambria, Lombardozzi, Harney, Adams

Goalies: Mason