’98 Junior Chowder Cup

The New England Thrashers ’98 team participated in the Junior Chowder Cup this past weekend, which was hosted by Pro Am Hockey. Thrashers we hoping for a good showing and was expecting to make a nice run in the tournament.

Thrashers started the weekend off slow, with a lost to Fine Line Hockey 9-2. The Thrashers had to go up against a very strong Fine Line Hockey team, who were very skilled and just an overall very good team. The Thrashers started the game off slow, being down 5-0, but the second period was a much better showing, with the Thrashers losing that period 4-2. The next game was against another strong team called CC Cougars. The Thrasher fought hard after a lost start and after a much better game, the Thrashers lost 6-2. The final game of the weekend for the Thrashers, was against Hockey Essentials (White). The Thrashers were very well matched with Hockey Essentials and after being tied 2-2 at the end of the third, because of two big goals by Billy Smith. The Thrashers just didn’t come out to play the way Hockey Essentials did for the rest of the game, and they lost 5-2 to finish the weekend 0-3. The Thrashers had fun and it was a better weekend than the record showed. The Thrashers will be looking for improve the ’98 team next year and build off the good things from this year with the ’98s and improve the bad things from this year. The Thrashers coaches, would like to thank all of the players and families who participated in the Junior Chowder Cup with them.


Forwards: Dell’Orfano, Ash, Rogers, Parker, Murphy, Giandomenico, Smith, Sheehan, Cavalloro, Boring

Defense: McDonough, Stewart, Souza, Sigal, Locke

Goalies: Ryan