Recruiters Cup 2013

The New England Thrashers U16 & U18 squads had a great showing in the Recruiters Cup, which was hosted by Hub City Hockey on August 1st-4th. The tournament was different than last year, there were more teams and there was a U18 and U16 division, last year there was only a U16 division.

The  U18 Thrashers had a tough first game, they were missing some players and they had to go up against the Foxboro Stars, which was a good game until about 15 minutes to go and the Stars ran away with the game and won 7-0. The Thrashers second game was against a very talented Boston Jr. Whalers team. The Thrashers had their whole team and Spencer Cookson was awesome in net and the Thrashers beat the Whalers 6-4. In the third game of the weekend, the Thrashers had to win to get into the playoffs. The only problem was that the Thrashers had to go up against the best team in the tournament, GBL Bruins. The Bruins ended up winning the tournament on Sunday, but the Thrashers were not going to go away without a fit. The Thrashers played a great game and took it to them right away. The final score was 4-3 with two goals from Max Willman. The Thrashers finished 1-2 on the weekend and had a great showing. Thank you to all of the players who participated in the Recruiters Cup for us on the U18 team.

For the U16 team, the tournament ended differently than the U18′s. The Thrashers started the weekend the same, missing two players and going up against a very talented goalie. They played the Sea Dogs and the goaltender won the game for them. The Thrashers lost 3-1, but it should of been a win. The next game was against the Wolfpack Prospects. The Thrashers had something to prove and they wanted everyone to know that they were a better team than the last game. The Thrashers went up big fast and beat the Wolfpack in every aspect of the game and won 5-1. In the third game of the weekend, the Thrashers went up against Hockey Techinques ll and beat them 5-2 with two goals from Noah Strawn, The Thrashers got into the playoffs as the 5th seed and went up against a very tough Apple Core team. The Thrashers just didn’t seem to be on the same page and they lost 4-0. The Thrashers had a great showing and it was a fun weekend as well. Thank you to all of the players or participated in the Recruiters Cup for the U16 team.

Thrashers (U18′s) were lead up front by M. Willman: 4-2-6 in 3 games

The Thrashers (U16′s) were lead up front by N. Strawn: 3-2-5 in 3 games, Moran: 0-4-4 in 3 games, Gardiner: 1-2-3 in 3 games, Guarino: 2-1-3 in 3 games

Thrashers (U16′s) were lead in net by Ethan Roth: 6 GA in 3 games

U18 Team: 

Forwards: M. Willman, B. Strawn, D. Goldstein, B. Bishop, J. Osaka, B. Gray, A. Giandemenico, J. Cyr

Defense: C. Roth, C. Iadeluca, A. Siering, S. Hallice,

Goalies: S. Cookson, P. Sheehan

U16 Team: 

Forwards: N. Strawn, T. Gardiner, P. Daley, J. Guarino, B. Panasuk, T. Giandemenico, R. Costa, B. Grant,

Defense: J. Moran, M. Lombardozzi, M. Stewart, K. Roy, K. Rogers

Goalies: E. Roth