Thrashers (CO) in the Chowder Cup

The New England Thrashers College Open team participated in the College Open Division of the Chowder Cup this past weekend, which was hosted by Pro Am Hockey. The Thrashers had a good showing in the College Open last year and they looked to build on that success.

Their first game was on Thursday morning against OneHockey (Black) where they lost a close game 4-2 with an empty net goal at the end. The Thrashers had many chances to win the game and they just couldn’t put the puck in the net. The next game was on Friday morning against the Jr. Hurricanes. The Thrashers were leading 2-1 with about 8 minutes and the Jr. Hurricanes scored the tying goal on the Power Play on a penalty that the Thrashers shouldn’t of taken. Then with about 2 minutes to ago, the Jr. Hurricanes scored a very good goal, that the Thrashers couldn’t really do much about. The Thrashers played well in that game, but they should of won the came. In the final game of the round robin play, the Thrashers look on a very dirty Niagara Whalers ’96 team. The Thrashers went up early and never looked back. The team also showed great control against the Whalers who only wanted to fight after they went down by 2 goals. The Thrashers were lead that game by Colton Lafata and Joe Osaka who both had two goals in the game. If the Thrashers held on to the 2-1 victory in game two, they would of have won the tiebreaker and would of made it into the playoffs. It was a good weekend for the team anyways. Thank you to all of the players and parents for the weekend and we look forward to next year!

Thrashers were lead upfront by- Lafata: 3-2-5 in 3 games, Osaka: 2-1-3 in 3 games.


Forwards: Lafata, Osaka, Bishop, Marini, Erban, Vincellette, Kelleher, Renzi, Goldstein, Michaud.

Defense: Usseglio, Driscoll, Griffin, Lynch, Chugg, Leininger.

Goals: Cookson, Ajello