Thrashers (Jr. A) make it to the Quarterfinals

The New England Thrashers Junior A team participated in the Junior A Division of the Chowder Cup this past weekend, which was hosted by Pro Am Hockey. The Thrashers had a good showing in the College Open last year and they looked to build on that success by having a great showing in the top division of the Chowder Cup

The Thrashers started their weekend off slow and it always resulted in them not making the playoffs. The Team played Canada West (Creme) on Thursday afternoon and they came out flat. The Thrashers went down 2-1 early in the second period and the Thrashers scored two quick goals from Mike Restuccia and Zach Pard. But late in the game, the Thrashers gave up two goals one on the Power Play and the other just seconds later to be down 4-3. The Thrashers picked up the pressure and with about 2 minutes to go, Ross Mandigo scored a very important the game tying goal. By tying Canada West (Creme) the Thrashers now had to win the next two games and let in less goals than Canada West (Creme) if they also won their next two games to make it into the playoffs. The next game the Thrashers took on the Aviators (Black) and beat them 5-0 to help their chances to make it into the playoffs. Brett Strawn had two goals and Robby Darrar had a Hat Trick. In their final game of the round robin, the Thrashers played WB Miners and beat them 10-2, where Brett Strawn scored another two goals and Robby Darrar put up another Hat Trick. The Thrashers were up 9-0 when they gave up two late goals, which resulted in the Thrashers having to wait for Canada West (Creme) to either let up one goal or win 11-0 in their final game to beat out the Thrashers for their playoff spot.

The Thrashers went into the playoffs ready to make a run, they went up against the Eastern Eskimos in the first round. Matt Muzyka put the Thrashers up early with a very nice tip in goal. The Thrashers held on the whole time and finished off the Eskimos 1-0. Then the Thrashers took on Team Ontario in the second round and after Anthony Luzzi scored a Power Play goal, the Thrashers held on again and beat them 1-0 to advance to the Quarterfinals against Canadian Future Pros. The Thrashers had a tough task ahead of them and it was a hard fought game, but with this being their third game in 4 hours and with only 8 Forwards, the Thrashers ended up losing 2-0 to a very talented team, who ended up winning the whole tournament later in the day. The Thrashers fought hard all weekend with a short bench and left everything on the ice for the coaches. The coaches would like to thank all of the players who participated this weekend.

Thrashers were lead upfront by- Darrar: 7-3-10 6 games, Strawn: 4-3-7 6 games, Freeman: 1-5-6 in 6 games.

Thrashers were lead in net by: Macburnie: 3 GA in 6 games / 4 SO, Michals: 5 GA in 6 games / 3 SO.


Forwards: Darrar, Restuccia, Freeman, Luzzi, Sanford, Muzyka, Strawn, Pard, Mandigo, Redler.

Defense: Lee, Busconi, Sullivan, Cranston, Thiesing, Jackson

Goalies: Michals, Macburnie